Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Trends in Project Management for 2014

A new year is here and I'm shaking my magic 8 ball to see where Project Management is headed in 2014 ...

5. More teams will be virtual.  As the workforce ages it will become harder and harder to find the right employee locally.  As PMs we will need to leverage tools to help bring together our teams to build relationships.

4. Documentation will move to the cloud making it easier for our clients and teams to access their project information. Project files flying around via email will start to decrease.

3. We will increase our connections with our clients and team members via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.  Again this will help build critical relationships with our team members.

2. We will start to use more online tools to manage our portfolio so we will have an easier way to forecast resource needs.

1. We will continue to see more organizations trying out Agile.  Some will adopt and will see quick wins and a boost in morale, and others will fail.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    Great idea man for having a Boost,Keep it up.

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