Sunday, December 11, 2011

How do your team members see each other?

Recently posted a funny photo about how our project team members see each other (note this is for a software development  project).

Check it out and laugh a bit …  

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Your Project Management Knowledge Cloud

Have you ever attended a meeting or discussion that someone gives a presentation, uses a cool tool or ice breaker and you think to yourself, “I’m going to use this someday too!”  Then months go by and that thought leaves your head, or that extra handout or copy of the presentation you took somehow found its way to the trash can.

Early in my career I started a project management binder with copies of articles, presentations and so on, that I may want pull out later (like an ice breaker game).  Recently I moved away from the paper binder to using (in the cloud) to house my PM knowledge.

First I just used it to store my resume online and I installed the Linkedin app on my Linked in profile (now others had easy access to a Word copy of my resume).  Now as I find those interesting PDFs or presentations I can toss them into my site. offers 5 gigs of storage for free, and it allows file sharing links and access to your files via their mobile app.  If you upgrade to a business account you can then use it with your project team members as a common location for project files.

"Reliability and high performance is key, and our enterprise solution with Box delivers." — MTV Networks

Technology changes so fast and we must keep up with the latest trends and monitor them to see if they are a good fit for our organizations.  The same goes for the knowledge you gain as a PM, you need a place to store it or it will be forgotten.

Here is a  great example … A Norwegian company has built a USB thumb drive sized computer that has a dual core processor, runs Android, a slot for a memory card, Wifi, Bluetooth and you can connect it to any computer or TV (if TV then you need a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse).

A pretty amazing piece of technology!  So where will you store your PM knowledge?