Sunday, November 16, 2008

A presentation on PMO's...

This past week I gave a presentation titled: Building a PMO that makes sense to your organization, at the UW E-Business Consortium to the IT Executives Circle Peer Group.

Link to my presentation

The discussion of the day was PMO's. Many folks vented their frustrations of trying to start up PMO's including making sure their projects had resources available to complete the project.

The second speaker, Dave Webb from Alliant Engergy, talked about the metrics they were using to track their projects, along with the concept of reviewing the PM's who run their projects. I thought this was an interesting concept sense I currently will perodically audit certain aspects of our project management processes within my own organization. The end result of the Alliant PM review is a numerical rating of the PM. If it is too low then the PMO may have to work with the PM in the areas they are laking. Definitely an interesting concept to consider for my own PMO in the future.

The day after this talk I listened to the most recent PM podcast
Episode 108: How Peer Reviews will Keep You Honest and Your Project on Track.

Again, listening to this really helped to drive home the importance of the PMO to review their PM's to make sure they are using the correct project mananagement processes that are laid out by the PMO.