Thursday, July 31, 2008

The PM traveling tool box….

During a recent trip to Milan Italy I had plenty of time on my flight home to blog about my PM traveling tool box. Now, these are not tools for running projects, but are meant to help keep your cool while traveling.

  1. Highlight the key pieces of information on your flight (times, codes, flight numbers). This will help you to see those key things at a glance.
  2. Make sure you have the hotel and airline phone numbers. Why stand in a long line after a canceled flight when you can call in to make the changes.
  3. Make copies of your credit cards and passport (and you hotel and flight plan). Keep one copy for yourself and hand off a second to a loved one (in my case my wife). That way if you lose something some else has a copy or if the holder needs to they can try to track them down.
  4. Make sure you spend a little You time during your trip. If you don’t have the time to research something to do outside your hotel, speak with your concierge at your hotel.
  5. Pack yourself a couple of candy bars or ganola bars. This will help to get through those long lay overs or delayed flights.
  6. Bring your digital camera and laptop. At night email a couple of pictures to family and friends.

Finally don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

The photos are of Duomo Church in Milan Italy; the first stones were laid in 1296: