Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Should I put PMP after my name?

Once one obtains their PMP, also known as Project Management Professional status, the question is how do I let others know I now have this status? The 4 main places are:

1. Your business card. Once you obtain your PMP status order up some new business cards

2. The signature line in your email address. I would also recommend including an embedded hyperlink to your linkedin page:

Ryan Endres, PMP
Lead Program Manager
Fundus Photograph Reading Center
406 Science Drive, Suite 400
Madison WI, 53711
Phone: 608.263.4074
Fax: 608.263.0525

3. The signature line or username on various websites you visit (message boards, linkedin, Facebook, Twitter….):  How to add PMP to your Linkedin profile

4. In your resume after your name, and within the education section.

PMP status not only means you passed a test, it means you have been managing (or working as a team member) projects for several years and that you are willing to continue with continuing education to keep that status. This is also part of branding yourself. If you were looking to hire a Project Manager or are working with one, wouldn’t it be nice to know that they have PMP status?

Notable Quote:
“Organizations will not be able to compete globally without putting in place project management processes and continuing to develop their project managers to become leaders within the organization.”
Gina Westcott

I'm certified now what?