Friday, April 06, 2012

Do you really need to pay big bucks to get your PMP?

Every couple of months someone will contact me about my opinion on fulfilling the requirements before signing up to take the PMP exam, and these are my thoughts on it.

Per PMI you need at least 3 years of managing projects or at least being on a project with 4500 documented hours.

Next, you need at least 35 hours worth of documented, PMI certified, classes/training time.  

One option is to take a boot camp where you may pay up to $2000 for a 3 day boot camp.  This is the choke and puke method.   

Or you can take a 6-8 week class that your local PMI may put on for under $1000 

Or for $130 you can order up +35 hours of podcasts from PM PrepCast.  This will also let you watch the videos again and again.  I have reviewed many of these podcasts and think they are the best value out there. 
Next you need some reading materials.   

Make sure you review the PMBOK multiple times, and then find another supplemental book to help out.  I would recommend the following book Link

Read up, study and then start to take some online practice tests

Once you feel you are scoring well on your tests then sign-up for the real test.
Hopefully the end result is you passing the test!  

So, as you can see there are some low cost options out there (under 500 for the PM PrepCast and paying for the exam) to get you to the next step of obtaining your PMP status.  

This post was inspired by a recent post by the PM Student Blog:

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