Friday, November 18, 2011

A new Tool for your PM tool box

For the on the go PM they need a box full of tools.  From laptops, to smart phones to various software packages to help manage the project and even for communication.

There is a growing trend for PMs that travel a lot to use Skype to call into meetings.  As long as you have a decent internet connection it works great, so no more dropped cell phone calls as you are sitting in your Vegas hotel room.  Most laptops have a built in microphone, but a headset with a built in microphone seems to be the best thing to use.

If for some reason you would like to record a call there is a product out there made by Jiteco titled Riviera for Skype, which offers a free 14 day full use trial, or $9.99 for the full product.

Why might you want this?  Maybe you are listening in on a meeting and you need to take a call on your cell phone (or run off to the bathroom). Or maybe you want to record the meeting and upload the MP3 to your project page to allow members to listen to the meeting at a later date.  Or use it for creating interview podcasts!

Let’s take it for a spin …
It is super easy to download and install.  After it is installed launch the program and Skype will prompt you to authorize it to connect.

Then when you send or receive a call it asks you if you want to record the call.

After you are done your MP3s are ready to listen to or move them to your project site or webpage.

This is a super tool to have in your PM tool box and at only 10 bucks it is a super deal!

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