Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top 10 Reasons IT Projects Fail

Several months ago I started a new job and at my desk I found this top 10 list from Price Waterhouse Coopers:

  1. No clear objectives or benefits
  2. Lack of user commitment from business community
  3. Not managing the project proactively
  4. lack of coordination across change initiatives
  5. Optimistic deadlines and lack of contingency plans
  6. Not testing thoroughly
  7. Too many package software modifications
  8. Expecting people to develop and use a new system without adequate training
  9. Resource constraints
  10. In appropriate software and hardware selection

So what do you think is missing?


  1. Interesting list. I think some of these are symptoms of poor requirements gathering and undefined project scope.

    - Erin Kelley
    Simply Smart Technology
    Chicago IT Support, IT Services for Chicago

  2. Interpersonal communications: bringing the laymen on board to understand, embrace and use the new IT project.

    - lee
    MDC Holdings Inc.
    Marketing Manager of Utah

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