Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Social Project Management Platform

@task has a new application they are developing to try to tie in some social media communication within their application.  The application is what it was before with tasks but it is now in a more user friendly platform with drag and drop capabilities and communication at the task level.
Some of the items I like about it are:
1.      1.  You have the ability to track tasks to the person assigned to them (maybe this is incorporated into their yearly review).

         2. You can be part of a project and see the news feed type of updates as things are completed, comments or things are updated.

2.      3.  The users have the ability to type in status updates and suggest when they think they will be done, and they can prioritize their own lists (so you can see when they may work on your task next).

3.      4. Shows baseline, what people are planning to do on a task, and highlights the critical path.

         5. You can attach files to tasks (maybe a mock-up of a screen shot).

5.      6. If someone reply’s to your comments you are notified.

6.      7. Has dashboard views you can customize including % complete,  EV and comments on the project.

Overall it looks to be a pretty simple to use product that looks like it would work well if one was running a project in an Agile environment.

There is a 3 part demo of the product; part 1:

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